Tarn Forestry LLC

20 years providing forestry consulting 
and comprehensive landscape management 


• 2004 •

Tarn Rackley

Owner Operator

Graduate of the University of Montana in 2003

Practiced forestry in the Rocky Mountains for 12 years, then spending 3 years in Alaska  prior to settling in  Oregon in 2015

• 2015 to 2023 •

Settled in Oregon to revolutionize forest consulting 
*numbers are approximate 

Miles of stream Buffered

9 thousand 

Legacy Trees Reserved

150 thousand 

Pounds of Ribbon Hung

3 Tons

Tree Farms Contracted


Wildlife Trees Preserved

450 Thousand

Cougar Sightings


Our most treasured work

Developing mature lasting stands of legacy trees along the streams of Western Oregon. Attempting to Maintain our native waterways for healthy and productive habitats for fish and wildlife populations. Thick stream buffers with diverse benefits for its inhabitants, Complementing  active timber extraction and landowners expectations.